The Beach Essentials

The sun is shining bright in all its glory once again. So, the time is right to get the kids, grandma and the cooler ready to have a good time at the beach. However, like we all do, we locate a good spot at the beach and soon realize we have forgotten something at home. This should not worry you because it is something that happens to almost all of us. You can rest assured knowing the list supplied below will make it easier for you to remember all the important items as you head out to the beach.

Remember to carry plenty of water – Doctors all over the world advise people to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When you are out enjoying the sun, this number may go even higher. Therefore, remember to carry a gallon or two of water and several water bottles.

Effective Sunscreen – Although we often remember to carry sunscreen while going to the beach, some people may be a little surprised to realize they still have a bit of sunburn once they get back home. For this reason, you should determine the SPF that perfectly suits you.

Umbrella – This is perfect for ensuring your kids are protected from direct exposure to sunlight.

Whistle – This year very many people are expected to visit Naples beach. As a result, unattended kids walking around in the beaches will be a common scene. To monitor movement of your kids, carry a whistle. Make sure your kids and the rest of the family members know the whistle sound you will make as you call out for them and they will be with you within no time.

Extra blanket – Carrying an extra blanket to the beach is a brilliant idea. Carrying a blanket is highly beneficial because you can use beach towels to dry yourself without worrying about wet and sticky sand. Blankets are generally heavier when compared to towels; therefore, it is so much easier to have it on the ground without being blown away.

A jug filled with water – After spending an entire day at the beach, your feet will obviously collect some sand. Have a jug filled with water packed in the trunk of your car. With this water, you can wash off your sandy feet prior to getting into your car. Although there are plenty of parking lots with feet wash sections, the parking lots normally have sand which makes them no good.

Extra clothes – When you return to the car with everyone else who will probably be half wet, you will no doubt get wet again. However, with extra clothes packed in the car, you can always change whenever you find it necessary. Athletic shorts are suitable under such circumstances.

Chairs – There are people who prefer to sit on chairs while spending time on the beach. So, a chair meant for the beach is an excellent addition to the items you intend to carry to the beach.

Radio – Beach neighbors can be annoying at times. Under such circumstances, a radio can be a great companion. However, it does not necessarily have to be a radio. You can pack an iPod or even a classic boom box that will certainly lighten up the mood as you have fun at the beach. Just be mindful of your immediate neighbors.

Entertainment – Remember to bring along footballs, frisbees, bocce balls or any other enjoyable activities you could think of for the entire family.

Books and magazines – Some people prefer to carry some reference guides that enables them figure out different types of shells while other people just want to relax and enjoy reading light material. Therefore carry a magazine or book of your choice.

First Aid Kit – Keep the kit inside your car or you can choose to take it with you to the beach. The kit will come in handy in case of an accident.

Beach Binoculars – A pair of binoculars will come in handy particularly if you want to show someone something in the horizon.

So next time you are visiting the beach, create a list first and be prepared to enjoy every moment. Remember, we have good rates for North Naples Beach rentals as well as condos in Naples Beach that are excellent for your vacation; therefore, take advantage of this opportunity and book a suitable spot. If you are looking for a perfect spot to take the family, Vanderbilt Beach near The Dunes Community is one of Naples most popular beaches.